This meeting aims to bring together members of the astro-particle physics community – particularly those involved in dark matter dynamics, physics of the early universe and indirect detection signals -- with those working in dark matter searches at the LHC and in direct detection experiments. We aim this to be a forum for presentations, and informal interdisciplinary discussion, of the prospects for dark matter phenomenology, in light of the launch of Run 2 at the LHC and planned upgrades of direct search experiments, as well as recently planned experiments to explore the low energy hidden sector.

Egypt is a member of the CMS experiment at the LHC through the Egyptian Network for High Energy Physics, which has hosted several workshops and schools over the past years, training students and updating young researchers on developments in particle physics theory and experiment. We anticipate that the present workshop will also be of benefit for those researchers, as well as those working on physical cosmology and galaxy formation, enhancing their interaction with the international scientific community in their respective fields..

The workshop is to take place in Cairo from 14 to 17 December 2015 at the historic Mena House hotel .

Local Organisers

  • Adel Awad
  • Sherif ElGammal
  • Gamal Nashed

Technical and executive

  • Yasser Abdellah
  • Mai El Sawy
  • Walaa Tarek